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Invest in a Fortress Project

Earn Targeted Returns of 8% and above with

Private Mortgages that Fund Development Projects

Private mortgages allow you to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. We provide the opportunity to invest in Fortress Real Development projects, in partnership with top name Canadian Developers which target returns above 8%.

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Why Invest through a Private Mortgage?

Targeted returns above 8%

Secured by a charge against the subject property

Terms range from 2 - 5 years

Third party appraisals and opinions

$30,000 minimum investment


Choice of borrower, project and market

How does it work?

Private Mortgages Offer the Opportunity to Diversify with Real Estate

Several investors combine funds together to create one mortgage instrument and the investment moves as one funding, with each investor individually registered proportionally. Fixed terms with defined horizons and the unique security of collateral on real property, only available on a mortgage. Investing that makes sense.

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Defined Terms

Every project has a mortgage contract that outlines each aspect of your investment. When will the mortgage mature? When is the interest paid?

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8% and above annual interest is what you’ll earn for the duration of your project term. Each project varies, see contract for details.

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Real Opportunity

Backed by a tangible asset in the form of a mortgage on Real Property, a feature unique to syndicated mortgages.

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Real Results

With 13 successful exits and counting, no other company can boast the same results.

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Real Choice

Choose a project by developer, build type, location, term length; the choice is yours.

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Real Value

Invest in something tangible that adds value to the community and the economy.

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